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Do it Yourself Videos Computer Repair and Information Series

Book Mark this site! Frequently Asked Problems solved by Computer Repair Service. We will show you video solutions to common computer problems. Computer Repair Made Easy with no technical jargon. Just easy to understand instructions.

Here are some of our recent Computer Repair additions:

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Remote  Services

You spend hours, sometimes days trying to fix problems with your computer. You search the Internet, uninstall programs, and even restart and reboot your computer. You simply cannot find what’s wrong with it.  Finally you get a tech support representative on the line, who suggests a couple of changes. These changes work magic and your computer finally works again.

This is often how our PC repairs system in the Phoenix metropolitan area works. Save yourself the trouble of tracking down a problem, when you can resolve it in less than an hour You just tell us the symptoms and we’ll help pinpoint your problem in no time.

If you have Internet access and your computer has one of these symptoms we may be able to remotely repair your computer.

Give us a call at:(480) 463-3292 to begin the repair process.

Tips to prevent PC errors and crashes:

TIP 1:    Update hardware and software       updating the system helps maintain a       healthy error-free computer.

TIP 2:    Detect & Remove Spyware, Malware

And Viruses: Many anti malware tools

Are available on the market today,

Notably AVG and Malwarebytes. Utilize

them to keep your files virus free.

TIP 3:    Defrag hard desk: Analyze hard disk

and rearrange fragmented data.  This

should be done monthly.

TIP 4:    Remove unnecessary programs:       Scan all programs you don’t need and

uninstall them.

Common Issues we fix:


TeamViewer Remote Software so we  can Fix Your PC.


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